Attend a Forward for Climate Rally this Sunday, Feb 17!

Attend a Forward for Climate rally this Sunday, February 17, at noon in Bigfork, Whitefish, Kalispell, or a city near you! We must MOVE FORWARD NOW!

The four-frame photo of the wolverine above was taken in July by Chad Harder, in the late-season Montana snowpack absolutely essential to wolverine raising their young.

Fish and Wildlife Service predicts these already limited habitats will decline by 63% in this century due to climate warming - threatening the wolverine with extinction in the lower 48 states!

But it's not just wildlife that is at risk, a few degrees of climate warming threatens the very existence of human civilization as well!

If you need convincing, take a few minutes to watch this video on "climate warming made simple" by David Roberts.

We cannot afford to dig up the Alberta tar sands and Montana's coal, selling it to China or elsewhere so it can be spewed into an already warming atmosphere that we all share!

The time for a change in our energy sources and consumption is NOW, before it is too late!

Please act this Sunday to move us Forward for Climate.

For more info visit Forward for Climate: 3 Flathead Valley Rallies, or visit to learn about the main Washington DC rally or search for a same-day rally in your neighborhood!

Sign a letter to President Obama here, urging him to take firm action on climate change!

Kalispell location: Depot Park at the corner of Center Street and Main Whitefish location: Corner of 2nd Street and Spokane Avenue Bigfork location: Harvest Foods roadside along Hwy 35

This article published on February 12, 2013 • [Permalink]