Burning Trees for Electricity is Not “Carbon Neutral!”

Though burning wood to produce electricity releases more carbon into the atmosphere than burning coal, the European Union says it releases no carbon at all - a bald-face trick of accounting!

This lie may be adopted by the U.S.'s EPA if it also ignores the many decades it will take for new trees to hopefully re-store that carbon and balance out as "carbon-neutral."

In other words, Europe is massively subsidizing the burning of wood to meet its 20-20-20 climate goals while actually increasing carbon emissions - while simultaneously and falsely claiming wood burning is as "renewable" as solar and wind and has no carbon emissions.

The U.S. already supplies half of Europe's wood pellets and is staged to repeat the same lies and mistakes at home as it also looks to reduce coal consumption!

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This article published on October 28, 2015 • [Permalink]