NREPA Introduced in U.S. House and Senate!

The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act has been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate! Urge your Senators and Representatives to support NREPA today!

That's right, there are companion bills in Congress right now that you can get behind to protect 23 million acres of America's public lands in the Northern Rockies as Wilderness!       Unprotected Northern Swan Crest

Let's send a clear message to this Congress that we want more wilderness and more wildlife, not less!

Click here to find the email address or contact form for your U.S. Representatives.

Click here to find the email address or contact form for your U.S. Senators.

Ask them to:

Please support or co-sponsor the NREPA bills of Representatives Maloney and Grijalva (H.R. 2135) and Senator Whitehouse (S. 936) because they:

1. Designate 23 million acres of America's most beautiful and ecologically critical public lands as Wilderness in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington!

2. Designate 1,800 miles of outstanding streams and rivers as Wild and Scenic!

3. Create more than 2,300 jobs in rural communities restoring fish and wildlife habitat on public lands damaged by logging and road building!

4. Save American taxpayers $245 million over ten years by eliminating the subsizided industrial development of roadless lands that would instead be protected as Wilderness!

Please enjoy the 5 minutes it takes to support this bold, preeminent legislation!

For maps and more details about NREPA, visit


This article published on May 03, 2017 • [Permalink]