Watersheds at Risk

Roads Threaten Bull Trout on the Bitterroot, Flathead and Lolo National Forests


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Off the Charts

Roads Outnumber Streams in Developed Flathead Watersheds.


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Snowmobiling’s Endless Winter

Facilitating Physical Access also Extends the Snowmobiing Season, Resulting in Harm to Wildlife Security, Vegetation, Soils and Water


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Reining in Snowmobiles and ORVS

From Swan View’s News, Spring/Summer 2002

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Road Decommissioning: Why Culverts are Removed and How

Six photos and seven paragraphs demonstrating the choice between streambed restoration or streambed devastation

—by Keith Hammer.

culvert removal


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A Special Report on Hate, Wise Use, and the Militia

From Swan View’s News, Fall 2001

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Road Closure Gates Cannot Effectively Eliminate Trespass

For more than a decade, land and wildlife management agencies have recognized that gates are largely ineffective in stopping motorized use of forest roads to provide wildlife security. In spite of concerted attempts to make gates effectively eliminate trespass by the public, a recent survey of Forest Supervisors in the Northern Continental Divide Grizzly Bear Ecosystem shows continued widespread failure.


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A History of Upper Mill Creek and Jessup Mill Pond

A short history of sawmills and other industry along Mill Creek in the Flathead Valley, including the town of Jessup

—By Keith Hammer and Debbie Sanders. Republished October 2001.



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