Watersheds Suffer From Too Many Roads, Not Too Many Trees!

Comments submitted by Swan View Coalition and Friends of the Wild Swan lay out the scientific basis for restoring fish and wildlife habitat in the Swan Valley by removing roads, not trees.

Read or download their letter and bibliography here.

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Behavioral Responses of North American Elk to Recreational Activity

Elk travel time [displacement] was highest during ATV exposure, followed by exposure to mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

A comprehensive approach for managing human activities to meet elk objectives should include careful management of off-road recreational activities, particularly ATV riding and mountain biking, which caused the largest reductions in feeding time and increases in travel time.

Read the full research paper.

Steve Bennett photo.

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The Lineage of Chief Aeneas: A History of People and Place

By Keith Hammer

May 2005

A short history of the American Indians whose names still grace the lakes and mountains of the Swan Range. Weighing in at a sleek one-ounce and measuring 5.5” x 8.5”, a perfect fit for your backpack!



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Case Closed

Public Motorized Trespass and Administrative Activity on Closed Roads in the Upper Swan, Lower Swan, and Noisy Face Geographic Units


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Watersheds at Risk

Roads Threaten Bull Trout on the Bitterroot, Flathead and Lolo National Forests


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Off the Charts

Roads Outnumber Streams in Developed Flathead Watersheds.


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Snowmobiling’s Endless Winter

Facilitating Physical Access also Extends the Snowmobiing Season, Resulting in Harm to Wildlife Security, Vegetation, Soils and Water


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Reining in Snowmobiles and ORVS

From Swan View’s News, Spring/Summer 2002

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