KML Files for Use with Google Earth

This page lists a number of .kml files for use with Google Earth.


They are compressed into .zip files so your browser will automatically download them to your computer.

They may download in a flash and your browser may display a blank page to indicate it has happened.

If your computer does not automatically decompress the .zip file to a .kml file, you may need to use Stuffit Expander or a similar decompression application on it.

Once you locate the .kml file on your computer, double-clicking on it should automatically start up Google Earth and display the .kml map overlay - be it a point, line or polygon/area, with the file placed and selected in your Temporary Places folder.

If you don't have Google Earth installed on your computer, it is free here.

Here's the list of .kml files:

Click here for our Flathead National Forest Wildlands Recovery Areas.kml

Click here for just our Northern Swan Wildlands Recovery Area.kml (The Northern Swan kml is already included in the above Flathead National Forest-wide kml).

Click here for Quintonkin - Sullivan Example.kml (referenced on page 8 of our Wildlands Recovery Plan for the Northern Swan Range).

Click here for our Roadless Areas Omitted from Flathead NF IRAs.kml. This map layer should be viewed in conjunction with the Inventoried Roadless Areas kmz/kml file available on the Flathead National Forest's Geospatial Data Page.

Click here for the place marks that are companion to our comments on Flathead National Forest's draft Wilderness Suitability Inventory.

Click here for our Sullivan Wildfire example of how wildfire renders logging units no longer "substantially noticeable" when identifying lands suitable for Wilderness designation.

Click here for the Flathead National Forest's Fire History Map 1980-2013.


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