Groups Sue Montana to End Trapping of Imperiled Wolverine

Four-frame photo by Chad Harder

Swan View Coalition and others in July petitioned Montana to stop trapping wolverine, a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act.

Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks denied the petition.

Left with no other option, the same groups today filed a lawsuit to stop the trapping.

Montana is the only lower-48 state to still allow trapping of wolverine.

“We’re lucky to see wolverine on rare occasions here in the Swan Range of northwest Montana, where they were first studied back in the 1970s, but trapping killed five times more wolverine than natural causes and killed nearly two-thirds of the wolverines being studied in just five years.” said Keith Hammer, chairman of the Swan View Coalition. “Trapping must stop if these rare and wonderful animals are to return from the brink of extinction.”

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This article published on October 11, 2012 • [Permalink]