Help Stop Logging of Forests Renewed by Fire!

You can help prevent the logging of ecologically important burned forests on Condon Mountain today!

When we toured a proposed logging unit with the Flathead National Forest yesterday, the woodpeckers were out in force emphasizing the importance of trees both live and dead to the circle of life!

Click here to see our video of an American Three-toed Woodpecker feeding on beetle larvae in proposed logging unit #8 - nature’s way of controlling beetle populations.

Click here to see Dr. Dick Hutto describe and show how 50 bird species thrive on burned forests and how many use the nesting holes left behind by “pathfinder” Black-backed Woodpeckers. Hutto explains elsewhere that a half-dozen other “pathfinder” woodpeckers, like the American Three-toed, also leave behind nesting cavities used by other species of birds and even small mammals.

Click here to read a letter by 250 scientists that say “the resulting post-fire community is one of the most ecologically important and biodiverse habitat types in western conifer forests” and that “post-fire logging does far more harm than good to the nation’s public lands.”

Please take a moment to email Ranger Rich Kehr ( .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) ). Urge him to not “salvage” log in the 2012 Condon Mountain fire area! The trees are not going to waste and don’t need to be “salvaged.” They are being used by wildlife and will help replenish the soil!

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This article published on November 06, 2013 • [Permalink]