Please Speak Up for Non-Lethal Cone Collection Again!

Thanks to folks like you, 97% of the comments received by the Flathead National Forest were opposed to felling the best larch trees just to collect the cones for nursery seed. Most suggested non-lethal alternatives such as climbing the trees or using helicopters and lift trucks to fetch the cones.

The Flathead has revised its proposal to consider the use of lift trucks, but it fails to require the use of lift trucks or other non-lethal methods! In fact, other non-lethal methods are not even discussed in the new proposal!

Your email comments on the new proposal are needed by July 7 to once again send a clear message to the Flathead that the public does not want the Forest Service killing the goose that laid the golden egg!

Please send an email today to Marsha Moore at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . Tell her you want non-lethal cone collection methods to be REQUIRED, and that they may include an array of options such as traditional tree climbing, lift trucks and helicopters. Killing our best larch trees, no matter how few or many, is simply not necessary!

You can read the June 5 revised cone collection proposal here.

You can read Swan View’s comments on the revised proposal here.

You can read the Forest Service’s own description of various non-lethal cone collection methods here.

You can read a success story of the Forest Service collecting cones by traditional tree climbing here. You can read our alert on the Flathead’s initial cone collection proposal here.

This article published on June 27, 2012 • [Permalink]