Public Support for Lawsuits to Protect Spotted Bear Wildlife Corridor

Sixty-one percent of Flathead Beacon readers polled say they support our lawsuits to protect the Spotted Bear wildlife corridor!

Swan View Coalition and Friends of the Wild Swan filed lawsuits against two large logging projects in the Spotted Bear area in the past two months because they would fragment a critical wildlife corridor.

“With 23,000 acres of habitat flooded by Hungry Horse Reservoir, the Spotted Bear and Bunker Creek areas are critical habitat connectors between the Great Bear Wilderness, Bob Marshall Wilderness, and northern Swan Range,” said Swan View Coalition Chair Keith Hammer. “Elk and other wildlife can’t afford to have their critical habitat damaged by more roads and logging.”

Read our press release here.

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Read the Flathead Beacon news article here.

A big THANK YOU to all of you that voiced your support through the Flathead Beacon poll!

We believe the margin of support would be even larger if the question were “Do you support protection of the Spotted Bear wildlife corridor?” rather than the double negative of “Do you support lawsuits protesting South Fork logging projects?”!

We hate having to file lawsuits - and we wish the Forest Service would change its logging proposals in response to public comments, rather than simply file more paperwork to try and make them sound better!

This article published on May 03, 2012 • [Permalink]