Help Stop DNRC Logging in Krause Basin Today!

MT Department of Natural Resources and Conservation intends to log more of what little native hemlock forest it hasn't logged already in Krause Basin! Please help us stop this phony "forest restoration" now!

Don't let DNRC do to this hemlock forest:

What it did to this hemlock forest in Krause Basin:

Please email DNRC's Pete Seigmund at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) today and make the following points:

1. Don't log any more Western hemlock forests on DNRC lands!

2. Cutting down native hemlock forest to plant commercially valuable white pine and larch is not "forest restoration," it is ecosystem genocide!

3. Leave alone the block of hemlock forest along DNRC's access road running north from Foothill Road into Krause Basin. It is the last stand of hemlock the public can walk through and enjoy along this old closed road!

4. DNRC's past logging via the 2006 Foothills Timber Sale and subsequent blowdown "salvage" has turned the area into a denuded weed patch. "Restoration" requires that DNRC fix these problems, not create more problems through more logging!

​5. Krause Basin cannot afford to lose another 50 log trucks full of logs cut from trees essential to ecosystem function and carbon storage!

Click here to read our letter to DNRC, along with our map and photos detailing these problems and logging threats.

Click here to read DNRC's "Initial Proposal: Foothills Restoration Project."

Your comments are due by May 5. Best send them today so you can't forget!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to let DNRC know you want the hemlock forests in Krause Basin left alone!

This article published on April 12, 2023 • [Permalink]