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Please take a moment to email Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in support of its proposed "no-wake" rules for Echo Lake (and its adjoining Abbott and Peterson Lakes) when it is above flood stage - as it has been the past two summers!

Wakes from motor boats during high water is causing damage to Flathead County's Causeway Road, its public boat launch, and to private property and shoreline around the lake.

No-wake rules during high water will still allow slow motor boating, offer unique quiet time for paddling on these otherwise busy lakes, and help protect private and public property from unnecessary erosion.

Please send a short email in support of the proposed rules to FWP's Martha Abbrescia at by Feb. 22!

Or attend FWP's public hearing in the matter at 7 pm, Feb 19, at the Hampton Inn, 1140 Hwy 2 West, Kalispell.

Click here to read the Flathead Beacon article.

Click here to read FWP's press release.

Click here to access the proposed rules and/or submit a comment via FWP's web site.

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Attend a Forward for Climate Rally this Sunday, Feb 17!
Four-frame photo by Chad Harder

Attend a Forward for Climate rally this Sunday, February 17, at noon in Bigfork, Whitefish, Kalispell, or a city near you! We must MOVE FORWARD NOW!

The four-frame photo of the wolverine above was taken in July by Chad Harder, in the late-season Montana snowpack absolutely essential to wolverine raising their young.

Fish and Wildlife Service predicts these already limited habitats will decline by 63% in this century due to climate warming - threatening the wolverine with extinction in the lower 48 states!

But it's not just wildlife that is at risk, a few degrees of climate warming threatens the very existence of human civilization as well!

If you need convincing, take a few minutes to watch this video on "climate warming made simple" by David Roberts.

We cannot afford to dig up the Alberta tar sands and Montana's coal, selling it to China or elsewhere so it can be spewed into an already warming atmosphere that we all share!

The time for a change in our energy sources and consumption is NOW, before it is too late!

Please act this Sunday to move us Forward for Climate.

For more info visit Forward for Climate: 3 Flathead Valley Rallies, or visit to learn about the main Washington DC rally or search for a same-day rally in your neighborhood!

Sign a letter to President Obama here, urging him to take firm action on climate change!

Kalispell location: Depot Park at the corner of Center Street and Main Whitefish location: Corner of 2nd Street and Spokane Avenue Bigfork location: Harvest Foods roadside along Hwy 35.

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Protected Federal Lands in Non-Metro West Increase Per Capita Income!
Headwaters Economics Graphic

A new report by Headwaters Economics finds three economic measures to be positively associated with protected public lands: per capita income, growth in per capita income, and growth in per capita investment income.

The study finds that, on average, counties with national parks, wilderness, and other forms of protected public lands benefit with increased economic performance.

Click here to read Headwaters Economics' release of its report.

Click here to read or download the report.

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Wolverine Trapping Cancelled! Protected Status Imminent?
Photo by Kallerna (Those big feet are for snow travel!)

A Montana District Court has issued an order effectively ending this winter's wolverine trapping season, in anticipation of the imperiled wolverine being listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act.

"This is great news that this year's wolverine trapping season is over," said Swan View Coalition Chair Keith Hammer. "Hopefully, wolverine will soon gain the threatened species protections they need so desperately, including a permanent ban on the intentional killing of wolverines."

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, however, says it will oppose ESA status for wolverine in Montana and, barring that, try to keep its trapping season in spite of federal listing. Click here to read the San Francisco Chronicle article.

Click here to read our press release.

Click here to read the Joint Motion that has now been signed as a Court Order.

Click here for more background on our lawsuit to end the trapping of imperiled wolverine.

Our thanks go out to Western Environmental Law Center and the other plaintiffs in this lawsuit for hanging tough for wolverine - and to all of you that support our work!

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Thank You for a Great 2012!
Wolverine by Kallerna; Lynx by Keith Williams

Thank you very much for your support of Swan View Coalition's work in 2012!

Your donations and letters helped secure key habitats for fish, wildlife and people - among them:

1. An injunction against the trapping of imperiled wolverine!

2. Stopping three timber sales on the Flathead National Forest that would log key lynx habitats!

3. Removal of Big Creek, a bull trout stronghold, from the list of "impaired" watersheds, largely through the removal of 60 miles of old logging roads!

4. Stopping the felling of hundreds of the Flathead's biggest and best larch trees simply to collect the cones!

5. The removal of breakneck bike ramps on Crane Mountain trails shared with hikers and horseback riders!

If you'd still like to support our work and get a tax-deductible receipt for 2012, you've two days left to hit the Donate Now button on this page or send a check to 3165 Foothill Road, Kalispell, MT 59901!

Again, thank you for contributing to our success in 2012 and we'll see you in 2013!

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Griffin Creek Logging Project Withdrawn!

Flathead National Forest has withdrawn its Griffin Creek logging project in the face of appeals filed by Swan View Coalition and others.

On November 26th, 2012, the Flathead refused to modify the project during a meeting to attempt resolution of the appeals.

Already heavily logged, heavily roaded and riddled with invasive weeds, the majority of the Griffin Creek watershed is already considered by Flathead National Forest to be "functioning at risk."

Swan View Coalition and other appellants argued more logging and road building will simply make matters worse.

They also argued the project is an irresponsible burden on the American taxpayer, building more new roads when the Flathead already receives less than one-sixth of the funds it needs to maintain its existing road system.

The project would build another 12 miles of permanent road, cut logs from 2,300 acres of forest and cut smaller trees on another 2,800 acres.

Click here to read Swan View Coalition's appeal.

Click here to read the Flathead's letter withdrawing the project.

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Larch Tree Killing Cancelled!

The Flathead National Forest has cancelled its plans to kill up to 270 of its best and biggest larch trees just to collect the seed!

MANY THANKS to those of you that were among the 97% of commenters opposed to killing the big trees when there are so many non-lethal ways to collect larch cones and seed!

Let's hope the Flathead has continued good success with its larch nursery and continues to recognize it need not kill big larch trees to meet its seed collection needs!

Click here to read the Flathead's cancellation letter.

Click here to read our prior alerts in this matter and for background information.

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Accomplishments and the Path Ahead!

Our Holidays 2012 edition of Swan View's News looks at our accomplishments and the path ahead - as the Flathead National Forest prepares to revise its Forest Plan!

Click here to view or download our Holidays 2012 newsletter!

Below is the table of contents:

Please DONATE NOW to help us raise $14,000 in December to support our work and meet our year-end budget!

Thank You and Happy Holidays!

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Judge Stops Montana's Wolverine Trapping!
Wolverine tracks in the Swan Range. (Keith Hammer photo)

Montana District Court Judge Jeffrey Sherlock has issued a temporary restraining order stopping Montana's wolverine trapping season!

The order was issued on the eve of the trapping season set to begin December 1, in response to a lawsuit filed by the Western Environmental Law Center on behalf of Swan View Coalition and several other conservation groups.

Judge Sherlock concluded "Balancing the loss of a ‘recreational harvest opportunity' against the possible damage to a potentially endangered species, the Court finds equity lies in favor of issuing a temporary restraining order."

Click here to read WELC's press release.

Click here to read the Missoulian article.

Click here to read the Court Order.

Click here to read more about our lawsuit.

Click here to make a donation!

Twas the eve before trapping season When all through the woods All the creatures declared WELC delivered the goods!

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Thanksgiving Message
Swan Range viewed from the Swan River above Bigfork, MT.

It's been 28 years since a bunch of neighbors banded together to protect the visual and ecological integrity of the Swan Range from clear-cut logging, road-building, and recreation run-amok.

We at Swan View Coalition wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU for your loyal support of our continued work!

May you spend considerable time with friends and family this coming week, enjoy the places you love, and hold in your hearts those who cannot.

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Logging Road Landslide
Logging road landslide into Sullivan Creek bull trout habitat! Keith Hammer photo.

What's New
Join Us for Our 40th Anniversary Potluck and Gathering! May 21, 2024

We hope you can come join us for our 40th Anniversary potluck and gathering on June 9 at the Creston Fish Hatchery pavilion on the shore of Jessup Mill Pond! There will be cake and we get to eat it too!

Winter-Spring Newsletter: Swan View Celebrates 40 Years! April 24, 2024

Our Winter-Spring newsletter celebrates our 40th anniversary with news of recent victories, a look at what we've accomplished in 40 years, a reminder of the work that still lies ahead, and an invitation to our celebratory outdoor potluck and gathering on June 9!

Happy Solstice, Holidays and New Year! December 20, 2023

Swan View Coalition wishes you a Happy Solstice, Holidays and New Year, and has a gift suggestion!

Holidays Newsletter: Things to Celebrate in 2023! December 07, 2023

Our Holidays newsletter announces wolverine are finally given ESA protection, an ESA recovery plan is drafted for lynx, there are promising signs for the management of Krause Basin, and POWDR Corp has withdrawn its plans to super-size Holland Lake Lodge, but reminds us of huge "fuels reduction" logging projects on the horizon!

Summer-Fall Newsletter: Pushing Back Against All Odds! October 12, 2023

Our Summer-Fall newsletter announces the release of our latest Forest Service road closure effectiveness report, describes how the Forest Service is keeping the public in the dark while permitting private corporations to conduct business on public lands, provides graphic proof that "thinning" as "restoration" logging amounts to more clearcuts, and calls on the public to carry and learn to use bear spray when outdoors!

Swan View Report Shows Road Closure Effectiveness Far Lower than Forest Service Claims! September 12, 2023

Swan View Coalition recently released a report based on its 2022 inspection of 303 Forest Service road closure devices in the Flathead National Forest’s Swan Valley Geographic Area. The group found only 53% of the gates, berms and boulders showed no signs of motor vehicle use behind them. When adjusted to account for Forest Service exceptions allowing administrative and logging contractor use behind closures, effectiveness rose to only 68%, far short of the 92% effectiveness claimed by the Flathead NF for 2019-2020.

Your Prompt Donation Matched by Cinnabar Foundation! August 02, 2023

Your prompt donation to support our work will be matched/doubled by Cinnabar Foundation!

Help Push Back on the Commercialization of the Flathead National Forest! May 23, 2023

Your email is needed today to push back on 25 commercial Special Use Permits being issued on the Flathead National Forest!

Winter Spring Newsletter: Government and Industry Set to Log it All! April 17, 2023

Our Winter-Spring newsletter asks you to send a quick email to help stop DNRC from logging the last of its hemlock forests in Krause Basin, then shows how DNRC's proposal aligns with federal proposals that also promote logging to "restore" forests to false "historic" conditions. We provide links to a growing body of research revealing a "falsification of the scientific record in government-funded wildfire studies" that are being used to promote the logging of native forests.

Help Stop DNRC Logging in Krause Basin Today! April 12, 2023

MT DNRC intends to log more of what little native hemlock forest it hasn't logged already in Krause Basin! Please help us stop this phony "forest restoration" now!

Double Your Donation Now! March 23, 2023

Wake up! A generous donor has agreed to match $5,000 in donations to Swan View Coalition! So DONATE NOW and see your donation doubled!

Holidays Newsletter: Learning from Our Past and Moving Forward! November 30, 2022

Our Holidays 2022 newsletter looks at how recreation gets out of control on public lands and what we can do about it. It also provides a brief summary of our work in 2022 and why your membership is important!

Giving Thanks! November 23, 2022

This Thanksgiving we are thankful to have public lands worth protecting and your support of our work to do so!

Summer-Fall Newsletter: Plunder Blunders! October 17, 2022

Our Summer-Fall 2022 newsletter examines two major public relations blunders by the Flathead National Forest as it attempts to force recreational development on a public that is tired of seeing its public lands turned into playgrounds for the rich and racy! We also announce the resumption of our biweekly Swan Range Community Potlucks and Music Jam Sessions - and our Annual Membership Meeting to be held November 20.

Insist Now on Full Public Review of Holland Lake Lodge Mega-Expansion! September 06, 2022

The Flathead National Forest is attempting to approve a mega-expansion of the Holland Lake Lodge on public land without informed public input and with no Environmental Assessment or Impact Statement. Tell the Flathead NOW to back up and start again!

Second Round of Flathead Forest Plan Lawsuits Filed! August 11, 2022

Swan View Coalition and Friends of the Wild Swan are in the process of filing three new lawsuits against the revised Flathead Forest Plan's building of logging roads in threatened grizzly bear and bull trout habitat!

Winter-Spring Newsletter: To Wonder or Plunder? May 13, 2022

Our Winter-Spring 2022 newsletter takes a sobering look at how, contrary to the way forest ecosystems function and the need to keep carbon stored in trees to combat climate warming, the government and industry instead want to log/thin all the forests they can get their hands on while building all the more logging roads to get it done!

Help Stop Commercial Crowding of the Flathead National Forest! May 10, 2022

Your comments are needed to object to commercial permits that promote crowding of the Flathead National Forest!

FS Cannot Seek Consensus from Krause Basin Collaborative February 13, 2022

The Forest Service cannot ask the Krause Basin Collaborative for group/consensus recommendations, only individual advice.

Forest Service Reneging on Promises to Prohibit Motorized Trails in Krause Basin! December 13, 2021

This page documents promises made by the Flathead National Forest to close all trails in Krause Basin to motorized use after designating it a Wildlife Management Area and mandating that the trails "not be marked on the ground."