Code of Responsible Recreation for America’s Backcountry
The wild is being driven out of America's backcountry by ultra-marathon foot races, biking, motorized vehicles, and other frontcounty sports run amok.
We therefore offer the following code of conduct:

Responsible backcountry recreation remains rooted in quality, not quantity.

It is measured by depth of appreciation, not by fastest speed or longest distance.

It minimizes haste, hardware, competition, and intrusion.

It engages people in conservation through mindful practice of minimal impact.

It reserves the backcountry for traditional, contemplative recreation that can't be had in the frontcountry.

Conservation of fish, wildlife and America's backcountry requires people acting more responsibly, not more people pursuing cheap thrills and extreme sports.

--By Swan View Coalition and Others

This article published on July 07, 2011