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Navigating Collaboration, Bullying and Vandalism!

The Summer-Fall 2012 issue of Swan View's News examines how we are navigating collaboration, bullying and vandalism on the Flathead National Forest!

The table of contents is shown below; click here for the entire newsletter in PDF.

URGENT UPDATE: Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks denied our petition to end the trapping of imperiled wolverine in Montana (see page 4 of the newsletter), so we've been left with no choice but to file a lawsuit against MDFWP! Click here to read the update.

Please make a donation today to help cover the costs of the three lawsuits discussed in our newsletter; all needed to protect the habitat of increasingly rare forest carnivores like pine marten, fisher, lynx, and wolverine!

Do it today and Cinnabar Foundation will match your donation!

And don't forget our annual meeting on November 11 (see page 6 of the newsletter).

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Double Your Money Today with Cinnabar's Match!
Which encounter do you prefer when you are hiking?

1. Click here today to help us secure quiet habitat for fish, wildlife and people - and your donation will be matched by Cinnabar Foundation!

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Unlike years past, WE MUST RAISE $4,000 PRIOR TO THE HOLIDAY SEASON to meet our Cinnabar Challenge Grant - so ACT NOW to see your donation matched by Cinnabar!

Swan View Coalition has secured quiet habitat for fish, wildlife and people by getting hundreds of miles of forest roads and trails closed to motorized vehicles - but motorcycles continue to abuse the Swan Crest both on and off authorized trails.

So let's get together and protect the entire Swan Range!

Please join the hundreds of other folks that support our work through letter-writing and monetary donations!

Together we can make a big difference!

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Help Stop Motorcycle Abuse of the Swan Crest!
Motorcycle illegally crossing the outlet of Lamoose Lake, 8/18/12.

Motorcycles again this summer were captured in video and photos operating illegally off-trail near Lamoose Lake, as well as causing deep rutting of Alpine Trail #7 where their use is currently allowed.

Read on to see photos and video of this damaging activity and for a link to email your complaint to the Forest Service.

It's high time to get motorcycles out of the high alpine country along the Swan Crest!

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Please Speak Up for Non-Lethal Cone Collection Again!

Thanks to folks like you, 97% of the comments received by the Flathead National Forest were opposed to felling the best larch trees just to collect the cones for nursery seed. Most suggested non-lethal alternatives such as climbing the trees or using helicopters and lift trucks to fetch the cones.

The Flathead has revised its proposal to consider the use of lift trucks, but it fails to require the use of lift trucks or other non-lethal methods! In fact, other non-lethal methods are not even discussed in the new proposal!

Your email comments on the new proposal are needed by July 7 to once again send a clear message to the Flathead that the public does not want the Forest Service killing the goose that laid the golden egg!

Please send an email today to Marsha Moore at . Tell her you want non-lethal cone collection methods to be REQUIRED, and that they may include an array of options such as traditional tree climbing, lift trucks and helicopters. Killing our best larch trees, no matter how few or many, is simply not necessary!

You can read the June 5 revised cone collection proposal here.

You can read Swan View's comments on the revised proposal here.

You can read the Forest Service's own description of various non-lethal cone collection methods here.

You can read a success story of the Forest Service collecting cones by traditional tree climbing here. 

You can read our alert on the Flathead's initial cone collection proposal here.

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Big Creek Restoration: The Rest of the Story

The Winter-Spring 2012 issue of Swan View's News describes the interplay of science, litigation, politics, and collaboration in the restoration of the Big Creek watershed on the Flathead National Forest.

You'll want to read this issue cover-to-cover if you'd like to know why citizen advocacy and litigation are so often necessary to give voice to the needs of fish, wildlife and people!

Winter-Spring 2012 Swan View's News (pdf).

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Comment on Flathead Mountain Bike Proposals NOW!
Jerry Sprunger Cartoon

Public comments are due May 31, 2012, on Flathead National Forest proposals for new downhill fee-ride mountain bike trails and races!

We've asked the Flathead to keep all new free-ride bike trails confined to the developed portions of Big Mountain and to redirect all mountain bike race proposals there. This would keep thrill-seeking, high-speed biking and its inevitable conflicts with wildlife and other trail users from spreading across the Forest.

Please send a quick email to today! Comments are due May 31, 2012.

You can read our comment letter here, which includes accounts of bikers being mauled or rammed by wildlife!

You can read about the Flathead's proposal for another high-speed downhill mountain bike trail on Big Mountain here.

You can read about the Flathead's proposal to authorize mountain bike racing elsewhere on the Tally Lake Ranger District here.

Please take a few moments and send that email NOW!

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Help Save Big Larch Trees Today!

Flathead National Forest wants to cut down 270 of its genetically best, big larch trees simply to collect their cones for seed one time, rather than pick the cones or drop select branches to the ground!

Please write a short email or letter today and urge the Flathead to use time-proven, non-lethal methods to collect larch cones and seed for its nurseries!

See here and at right how the Ochoco National Forest uses a lift truck to pick larch cones and lets the trees live to see another day and another generation!

The Flathead has no shortage of big larch trees along roads at various elevations and microclimates to suit its genetic selection process - and there remain plenty of non-lethal options where a lift truck cannot be used!

Tell the Flathead to let 270 of America's best 2-foot diameter larch trees live on to spread their seed for future generations in the wild - and for nursery seed collection in the future!

Email Marsha Moore at, phone her at 406-758-5325, or mail her at Flathead National Forest, 650 Wolfpack Way, Kalispell, MT 59901.

Comments must be submitted by April 16, 2012.

Read Swan View Coalition's comment letter here.

Read Flathead National Forest's press release here.

Learn more about the collection of tree seed than you ever wanted to know here. The meat is on pages 32-34 (PDF pages 39-41)!

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Protect Non-Motorized Trails and Wildlife Today!

Please write a short email today to support the establishment of two non-motorized trails in the Lakeside-Blacktail area (there currently are none) - and to stop damaging motorized vehicles from using roads closed to protect elk and other forest resources (there are already over 130 miles of road open to motor vehicles)!

Your comments in 2009, along with those from Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, have convinced the Forest Service to not reopen closed roads in key elk security areas on the east and west slopes of Blacktail Mountain and in proposed non-motorized trail areas (as it would in its Alternative B). But it still wants to reopen to motorized vehicles 21 miles of road previously closed to protect wildlife, and to build steep connector trails similar to the one below between them (Alt. C)!

Swan View Coalition's comment letter was crafted to be consistent with MDFWP's recommendations for protection of elk and other resources.

Please support establishment of the Foys to Blacktail and Lakeside to Blacktail non-motorized trails and, if you agree with our letter, support the implementation of our proposed Alternative D!

Send your emails today, but certainly by March 22, to:

Be sure to include your name and mailing address so your email cannot be dismissed!

View our comment letter as a PDF.

You can view the Forest Service documents and maps at

Elk and other wildlife need your help to insure recreation is consistent with the protection of their, and your, habitat!

Please write a short note today, and Thanks!

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Stop Bad Border Bill Today!

Under the guise of "National Security and Federal Lands Protection," the Act by that name would do anything BUT protect federal lands!

Indeed, Act co-sponsor Denny Rehberg brags the Act will allow the Border Patrol to re-open roads other agencies have rightly closed to motor vehicles in order to protect water quality, fish and wildlife. Rehberg falsely claims people cannot hunt, fish or hike on roads closed to motor vehicles! Read Rehberg's claims here.

HR 1505 would exempt Customs and Border Protection agents from 36 laws written to protect the public, its lands, and its fish and wildlife within 100 miles of the US-Canada and US-Mexico borders. (Including the National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act)!

Rehberg's promotion of the Act appears to use the Border Patrol to undo environmental protections and expand access for ATVs and other motor vehicles, ignoring the clear fact that such access makes drug smuggling, poaching and other illegal activities easier.

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Logging Road Landslide
Logging road landslide into Sullivan Creek bull trout habitat! Keith Hammer photo.

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Summer-Fall Newsletter: Pushing Back Against All Odds! October 12, 2023

Our Summer-Fall newsletter announces the release of our latest Forest Service road closure effectiveness report, describes how the Forest Service is keeping the public in the dark while permitting private corporations to conduct business on public lands, provides graphic proof that "thinning" as "restoration" logging amounts to more clearcuts, and calls on the public to carry and learn to use bear spray when outdoors!

Swan View Report Shows Road Closure Effectiveness Far Lower than Forest Service Claims! September 12, 2023

Swan View Coalition recently released a report based on its 2022 inspection of 303 Forest Service road closure devices in the Flathead National Forest’s Swan Valley Geographic Area. The group found only 53% of the gates, berms and boulders showed no signs of motor vehicle use behind them. When adjusted to account for Forest Service exceptions allowing administrative and logging contractor use behind closures, effectiveness rose to only 68%, far short of the 92% effectiveness claimed by the Flathead NF for 2019-2020.

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Help Push Back on the Commercialization of the Flathead National Forest! May 23, 2023

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Winter Spring Newsletter: Government and Industry Set to Log it All! April 17, 2023

Our Winter-Spring newsletter asks you to send a quick email to help stop DNRC from logging the last of its hemlock forests in Krause Basin, then shows how DNRC's proposal aligns with federal proposals that also promote logging to "restore" forests to false "historic" conditions. We provide links to a growing body of research revealing a "falsification of the scientific record in government-funded wildfire studies" that are being used to promote the logging of native forests.

Help Stop DNRC Logging in Krause Basin Today! April 12, 2023

MT DNRC intends to log more of what little native hemlock forest it hasn't logged already in Krause Basin! Please help us stop this phony "forest restoration" now!

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Holidays Newsletter: Learning from Our Past and Moving Forward! November 30, 2022

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Giving Thanks! November 23, 2022

This Thanksgiving we are thankful to have public lands worth protecting and your support of our work to do so!

Summer-Fall Newsletter: Plunder Blunders! October 17, 2022

Our Summer-Fall 2022 newsletter examines two major public relations blunders by the Flathead National Forest as it attempts to force recreational development on a public that is tired of seeing its public lands turned into playgrounds for the rich and racy! We also announce the resumption of our biweekly Swan Range Community Potlucks and Music Jam Sessions - and our Annual Membership Meeting to be held November 20.

Insist Now on Full Public Review of Holland Lake Lodge Mega-Expansion! September 06, 2022

The Flathead National Forest is attempting to approve a mega-expansion of the Holland Lake Lodge on public land without informed public input and with no Environmental Assessment or Impact Statement. Tell the Flathead NOW to back up and start again!

Second Round of Flathead Forest Plan Lawsuits Filed! August 11, 2022

Swan View Coalition and Friends of the Wild Swan are in the process of filing three new lawsuits against the revised Flathead Forest Plan's building of logging roads in threatened grizzly bear and bull trout habitat!

Winter-Spring Newsletter: To Wonder or Plunder? May 13, 2022

Our Winter-Spring 2022 newsletter takes a sobering look at how, contrary to the way forest ecosystems function and the need to keep carbon stored in trees to combat climate warming, the government and industry instead want to log/thin all the forests they can get their hands on while building all the more logging roads to get it done!

Help Stop Commercial Crowding of the Flathead National Forest! May 10, 2022

Your comments are needed to object to commercial permits that promote crowding of the Flathead National Forest!

FS Cannot Seek Consensus from Krause Basin Collaborative February 13, 2022

The Forest Service cannot ask the Krause Basin Collaborative for group/consensus recommendations, only individual advice.

Forest Service Reneging on Promises to Prohibit Motorized Trails in Krause Basin! December 13, 2021

This page documents promises made by the Flathead National Forest to close all trails in Krause Basin to motorized use after designating it a Wildlife Management Area and mandating that the trails "not be marked on the ground."